Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

I ♥ Shoegaze || April I

Lovely Shoegaze People Of The World,

it's time again to support some really great Shoegaze and Noise Pop bands. I'm very happy about every submission you send me and I'm very happy to have friends out there who share all of their new favorite shoegaze discoveries with me every day. 
I hope you are not disappointed that I'm not able to share every band immediately here on Shoegaze Love but I'm doing my best to mention every band who touches my heart as soon as I can.
Before I start with the playlist I want to share some upcoming events with you: First of all the first Berlin Psych Fest will take place this weekend. Unfortunately some bands cancelled their shows (for proper reasons!). However there will still be some very cool bands participating. 
Furthermore Record Store Day is happening on saturday! I'm very excited. A lot of cool special releases are already confirmed and I will have trouble not to spend all my money for it. Maybe you wanna tell me what releases you are looking forward.
So let's start with today's playist.

First band I want to introduce today is named Voluptuous Panic. The dream pop due consisting of Brian J. Bowe (musicjournalist) and Gretchen Devault (The Icicles) impresses with a dreamy sound a la Slowdive and great melodies. For only $2 you can buy their Single 'Fall away via bandcamp. 
Another very awesome band that came to my ears in the last few days is Shroud Belial. Very oldschool voicing and lovely melodies. I fell in love head over heels. You better check out their EP Carelles. It's 'name your prize'! So I guess you know what to spend all your money for?!
I also don't want you to miss the new single of my good friends Fabels from Sydney. They create a great mixture of art rock with dreamy Shoegaze influences. It's experminetal music, so I guess it's not for everyone but do me the favour and just chck on them.
Next band is called Ephrata. They are from Seattle and bring you some very poppy dream pop tunes. Bombastic songwriting and soft voices help you to just fly away for a while. For me they sound like the sea: wide and free. Their EP 'I Scare No One' is also name your prize, so if it's possible for you leave them some bucks to support them.

I'm also very happy to introduce you to another very awesome band. They are called Savage Sister. They are based in Chicago and in love with flamingos (that's great, 'cause I adore flamingos as well!!). They call their music style 'Dreamwave' and I guess it describes the music very well. Quality synthie sounds mixed with experimental reverb vocals. Just awesome! AND the best of all: They released it all on cassette. Yeah!!
Next next next: La Ruinas Circulares from Argentinia. Oh my gosh! They are so lovely. Lo-fi indie pop at it's best. You immediately feel like dancing through the streets while the wind is playing with your hair. Nice cute little short pop songs with 60's attitude. Go for it!
Last but not least: Tideland from Sterling VA. Energetic post punk with grunge flavour influenced by bands like Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. So in love with this guys! And you can get their Album 'Lull' on Vinyl or digital via bandcamp. 

So that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed all the music and found a new fav.
x Oyèmi