Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

I'm back!

Hey guys!

sorry, it became a little bit quite around here.
however I had a bunch of stuff to do.
I became writer for the online music magazine Pretty in Noise - home is where the noise is. I drew up some articles lately. I reviewed the new Akela and the new Nora Yeux Ep and expressed my love for music tape. The articles are all german but I hope some of you will read them anyhow.
There are 2 Shows coming up presented by SHOEGAZE LOVE. I will post them here when the're near. If you're already curious, check them out on facebook.
There are a few other great news considering my band JAGUWAR. you can read them on our blog.
and you should absolutely check out the first demo version of our song MUFFHEAD:

that's it so far.
stay tuned. I will review some new stuff when I've got soome time left.
Oyèmi Noize

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