Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

JAGUWAR on tour with TAMARYN


07/02/2013 - Comet Club // Berlin
13/02/2013 - Übel & Gefährlich (Turmzimmer) // Hamburg

We had a great time being on tour with the fabulous TAMARYN.
Check out their great new album:

Berlin was our first show since december.
2 months without playing live. crazy.

And of course it happened that our drummer Chris got hit by the flu and wasn't able to play. Luckily Arian was there to rescue us and stood in.
Martin of DIN MARTIN (ny the way: a great band. I wrote a review about their latest album for Pretty In Noise lately. check it out here.)

When we arrived at Comet Club, TAMARYN were already soundchecking.

Turmzimmer / Übel & Gefährlich is a wonderful location.
I felt like a princess but without all this prince-rescue-me kind of stuff.
And I was really happy to have my girl Lisa by my side.

I had a lot of fun playing at turmzimmer.T
he sound was really good. (I even had reverb on my voice on stage. WTF!!)
Hope to play there again.

And TAMARYN were just amazing.
I missed them in Berlin because we were so busy with holding our stuff together and play tetris with our car.
However I made it in Hamburg and just loved it.
great performance / great sound / great whatever. stunning.

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