Freitag, 8. März 2013

Girls Girls Girls

Today's International Women's Day - the perfect day to remind you people out there how many great female musicians were involved in great shoegaze, noise pop etc. projects from when the shit started on til today.
I always wanted to be one of them and show the world that it's not your gender making you a great musician, but talent and effort.

As I'm a real fucking Riot Grrrl (also tattood on my feet!), I want to encourage girls to take a fucking guitar or some drumsticks and just start playing. Just have fun and be loud. Give a fuck about what people say and just be yourself. You're great the way you are and everyone telling something different is a dumb-ass liar!

So first step:
Most of the musicians who influenced me when I was a little girl and made me want to be a rockstar were women. The next photos show the most important ones for me. Don't care if they are shoegaze or not. NOIZE!!

Bilinda Butcher (My Bloody Valentine)
Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, Free Kitten and many other projects)
Amanda Palmer (Solo, The Dresden Dolls)

Brody Dalle (The Distillers, Spinnerette)
Emilie Autumn (Solo)
Björk (Solo, Sugarcubes)

Courtney Love (Hole, Solo)

These are just a few impressions. The list could became endlessly long conaining nearly every Riot Grrrl of the early 90's, Patti Smith, Kate Bush, The Girls of Lush and Rachel Goswell of Slowdive, ...

One thing making me really happy the last years is, that more and more women start founding bands and create some really great music. Some of the next ones I show you are already more popular then others, but they are all great and worth to check out. Thats why I will post a bandcamp link to the ones I guess you may not know so far.

Tamaryn (Solo)
Alex Gehring (Ringo Deathstarr)
Mariko Doi (YUCK, Parakeet)
Dum Dum Girls
Vivian Girls
Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast)

Candelilla (
Luise Pop (

Katarina Trenk (Sex Jams -

Nan Turner (Schwervon! -

There are also a lot more great women I adore.
I just hope you'll never forget:

"Girls invented Punk Rock not England!"

Oyèmi Noize

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