Dienstag, 5. November 2013

I ♥ Shoegaze part 18

Hey Guys!!
It's time again for a new "I <3 Shoegaze" and I'm proud to present some great music to you that I found through my new fb group "Shoegaze Germany". So please all join this little place and share your music with me and all of the other members.
Today I show you 2 brand new tracks by awesome Ummagma from Ukraine. At this time you can only stream but not download 'cause release is on december 9th. Ugh. I'm so in love with this band.
The next band is called Zeit. They are from Sweden and just send me this little piece of heaven. So check them out! I love how they describe their music:

"pop music that makes you feel like you`re traveling through a long-abandoned ghost town, with a body full of tranquilizers."
The next ones joining today's Shoegaze Love are Lights That Change. Lovely electronic shoegaze pop. In Looooooooove!!!!!
There are two places left so I added the track 'A Face in the Wall' by Computer Room. The man behind the music is called Kevin Erhard. So check out his expermiental version of shoegaze music.

Last but not least Power Pyramid from Oklahoma City with their Album from September. It's for free download and just awesome!
So enjoy all of the bands and never stop sending me great music!

Oyèmi Noize  

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