Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

I ♥ Shoegaze || March I

Hello residents of Shoegaze Wonderland.
I hope you're as excited about this edition of I ♥ Shoegaze as I am 'cause there are great bands I want to introduce to you today. I'm also very happy to share a very special moment with you. My band Jaguwar will release their very first EP called "I" next week on march 15th. I feel like giving birth to a baby. (Well, actually I never carried out one so I guess I don't know how it feels. Whatever.) 
I'm just happy and of course I will post about the EP on this blog.
But now I want to share some music of other amazing bands with you. I hope you'll find your new favorite one.

Dead Leaf Echo released their new EP 'true.deep.sleeper' last week and of course I fell in love head over heels. This band became one of my favs last year and what can I say. They are one of the best shoegaze bands at the time. They have a modern sound and very creative songwriting. They do have a feeling how to write a true pop song without just sounding random. You can hear the 80's and 90's indie music influences as well as a very own character they carry to the outside. You should definitely watch out for this band from Brooklyn/NYC.
Yoko Temple just got me with his very easy going way. All songs were written and recorded in a few days on a 4 track cassette recorder by Jevon James. Keeping it oldschool often brings out the best results. Everything matches very good. The simple electro drums, just a few guitar tracks and well done vocals. It's lo-fi. It's punk rock. I love it! 
Youth in Bloom is a lovely band from Pennsylvania. They just released their first track 'Crescent Waves' and you better check them out 'cause they're not done yet. I'm very excited about the stuff coming up next. The first one is a very intense dream pop song with a lot of tension in it. Like them on facebook to stay tuned!
One of my current favorite songs is 'Pipe Dreams' by Contrast. The Band is from Melbourne and their sound is a mixture of shoegaze and new wave. Very cool drums and fuzzy guitar sounds. Amazing. I hope there is more coming very soon.
The next band is called Daisy Face and they are from Phoenix/AZ. They sound a lot like a 90's indie band with some dreamy influences. I guess you can call them born in the wrong time but in a good way. Their EP 'Dirt' is more then worth a listen. When you go for Bands like Sebadoh and Co you will find your new darling with this band.
Judy's Funeral from Poland is the next appetizer I want to show you. They are loud and they are Rock'n'Roll. You can hear the proximity to bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain and A Place To Bury Strangers. Check them out!!!
Last but not least: Nova Drones with their EP 'Kiss of Bliss'. Very cool psychedelic rock songs with experimental sounds. The Los Angeles Duo hand painted a limited edition of 100 pieces of the CD. So grab yours now!

I hope you enjoyed todays edition. Don't stop sending me your music!