Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

I ♥ Shoegaze || May I

Hey Citizens of Shoegaze Wonderland.
It's time again to bring you some sweet noise from all over the world.
Feel free to close your eyes, dance or start a riot while listening to all this lovely tunes I found on the internet or that were kindly brought to me by amazing people.

First I want to start with Pastel Blue
. 'A band of the past' how declared on their bandcamp page. You'll find some very sweet demo takes of this japanese dream pop lovers there. You definitely hear the strong influence of slowdive on all of them. Japan really have some frekin' cool shoegaze to give. 
Next Band I wanna tell you about are Roku Music from Brisbane / Australia. Their new track Collider comes with some dreamy vocals over nice shoegaze guitars and minimalistic drums. Really great.
Then there are Winkie from Brooklyn, New York. This experimental duo got me with their innovative destroyed sounds. When you are in love with crazy synthie sounds and shoegaze influenced songs you will immediately fall for this awesome band. 

I already told you about Crisis Arm. Their 'new' album 'fetch' from december last year is for 'name your price' on bandcamp and of course worth all your money you are willing to give for 8 songs of awesomeness. I'm totally sure we would become really good friends as they say they love cats, tapes and vinyl. :)
In June Crisis Arm are playing 3 shows in California. Check them out on the bands fb-page I linked on their name.
Not to forget: DEAD with their new 4-piece-EP. Like always it's a mixture of expermiental cold-wave sounds and noise-attacks. Perfect.

At the end Bleak Boys from Mexico bring you some Indie-Rock influenced Noise Pop. Love Love Love. Check them out!

I hope you enjoy.

Oyèmi Noize

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