Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

Concert Review: The Foreign Resort at Wave Gotik Treffen 2014 (Altes Landratsamt)

I had the most awesome (but at the same time exhausting weekend) for a long time. I had much fun playing the first show with Jaguwar this year on friday night in our hometown Dresden. We have a new Drummer and he did a really good job. On saturday I hit the road and went to Hannover where my Roller Derby Team won against the lovely girls from Demolition Derby Dolls. I'm so proud of them, I can't describe it with words. 
But the most exciting part was travelling to Leipzig for Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) with my boyfriend Lemmy. The guys of The Foreign Resort were inviting me kindly last week to come over and check out their show at Altes Landratsamt on monday. I was very happy that they thought of me just living like one hour from Leipzig. So we took the bus and enjoyed a nice (but insanely hot day in Leipzig).

The Foreign Resort just released their album 'New Frontiers' this year in february including the Single 'Alone'. I fell in love with the dark wave sound right away. That's why they became Band Of The Week on Shoegaze Love after a friend told me about this band sounding like a combination of The Cure in their times of 'Disintegration' and Joy Division with the difference that The Foreign Resort can actually play their instruments (I don't want to offend Joy Division Fans on this point I'm just not that excited about them as most people).

The more I was excited about the invitation. So after entering the dignifying venue The Foreign Resort already started their set. My first impression was that the sound is very clean but to little guitar. The drums and bass were kicking but the guitar was just anywhere but not where I wished it to be - right into my face. However the guys really got me with their very authentical presence on stage and some very good vocals by guitarist and singer Mikkel.
The samples harmonized very good with the whole cold wave sound and instantely give you this Depeche Mode feeling with the very tight and straight drumming. 
Third song of the set was the Single 'Alone' and I have to admit I was listening to the song all night and day since it came out. The perfect match of atmosphere, sound, vocals and lyrics. And they brought it on stage the same way. Just amazing. Unfortunately the sound guy didn't seem to notice that maybe some of the people in the audience are not deaf and want to actually here this lovely guitar line he's playing the whole song! Whatever.

We should start a gang.
After the show I had a little chat with the guys and they are as amazing as their music. 
So if you did not already heared about The Foreign Resort you should definetely check them out and buy all their merch and stuff. 

By the way: The last band of the evening had some car troubles and didn't make it to the venue so The Foreign Resort played a second set and this time we put ourselves directly in front of the stage right where the guitaramp was so we had an amazing ass-kicking sound. Right into the face!  


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