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Shoegaze around the world: Germany

Hey Lovers,

After the huge success of the last Shoegaze around the word special about France I decided to do another one. Because of the current situation which means that several german bands just released new material I picked the country I live in myself. I hope you enjoy and please comment below which special you want to read next.

So let's begin with my own band most of you guys already heared of. It's called JAGUWAR and we also just released our long-worked-on EP with the name 'I' via Pinmusik. After we changed our bandname in 2012 we had a pretty hard time. As more we are excited to be able to present you the 4 tracks. There's an other release coming this year so you can stay excited!

An other band from Berlin released their new album just last week. THE HISTORY OF COLOUR TV released 'When Shapes Of Split Blood Spelt Love' via Saint Marie Records and it's just awesome. This band surprised me many times. They are minimalistic but at the same time they create a wall of sound you can't resist. You can get all their records on vinyl (when not sold out).

So let's stay in Berlin for a second. I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM named themselves after a Sci-Fi Story from 1967 and play a very cool mix of post punk and shoegaze. Their sound is great and I love them even more because they released their 's/t EP' on tape! I hope their is more coming soon. 

Berlin might not be a beautiful city from the outside, however it's very colourfull on the inside. Some other good friends located there are THIS LOVE IS DEADLY. It became a little bit quiet around them this year. But I guess they'll come back with a big bang. So watch out for them. I fell in love with their gorgeous debut album in 2012. Modern Shoegaze at it's best!  

Next we take a ride to Leipzig to check out a band called DIN MARTIN. In a way they are more of a post-rock band. They have a groovy rhythm crew and play with dynamic song structure. However sometimes their sound is more shoegaze influenced. That's why I included them here. 'Cause most of the time I don't give a shit about genre borders! We are all one big family!

Next we take a ride to Baden-Württemberg to meet up with the kings and queens of Wall Of Sound. THE LOST RIVERS are loud and they are Rock'n'Roll. No compromises and always on the run they already played shows with Ceremony and The Telescopes. If you are a fan of A Place To Bury Strangers and Black Rebel Motorpsycho Club you will love the Lost Rivers!

Let's go to Hamburg and check out SEASURFER. A pretty new Band playing Dream Pop. They just released their debut album via Saint Marie Records and smashed everyone in the scene! Amazing. Straight. I immidiately fell in in love with their bright and wide sound.  

Then there's COME BACK HARRIET from Munich. They name their style of music 'Shoepop' and I pretty like the description. Nice lovely pop-songs with some cute little shoegaze guitars. You can hear the strong influence of Indie Rock bands like Dinosaur Jr or Superdrag. It's great. It also became very quiet around them and I hope they come back (as their name tells us) soon!

Before returning home we go to Dortmund and listen to SHORELINE IS. They released an album in 2012 called 'Deal Kindly' and it contains everything I love. It's dreamy, it's punk rock and it hase some great hooklines. I hope there's another release coming this year 'cause I'm sure they have the right potntial!

Back in Dresden I don't want to keep 2 very amazing bands from you. Many of you might know MALORY. They released their debut album in 2000. Their last release came out in 2010 and it's quiet around them ever since. I hope that this dream pop sensation won't stop doing their thing.

Last but not least: LUC STARGAZER. With their alternative wave sound they already amazed people several times on Wave Gotik Treffen. You definitely hear Robert Smith knocking on the back door. Check them out!


I hope you got an impression about some great Shoegaze Bands from Germany. If you like them, show them your love. There's a new Shoegaze around the world coming so don't forget to tell me which country should be up next!
x Oyèmi Noize

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