Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

Riot Grrrls set the world on fire, bitchez!!

It's time to riot.Today shoegaze can kiss my ass! Girls get to the front!

Today I show you some ass-kicking Grrrl Bands (there may be some kind of guys in there, so what?!).
Check them out and become a fan. Riot Grrrl never dies! (Punk Rock does!)
Yeah, you're right thinking I'm a feminist bitch but I don't care. 

So first: Check out my Band POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL. 


And I just discovered this great band from Detroit - CrashDollz on facebook.
OMG!! this girls are amazing. Rock'n'Roll into your face!

And not to forget the incredible Candelilla from Munich.
They recorded their new album with mastermind Steve Albini. Wow!

Luise Pop from Vienna: Surf Indie and Syntie Pop. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Fuck, there are so many great bands out there and this is just the smallest part.
So do you have a grrrl band? Let me know!!!!

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