Freitag, 26. April 2013

Shoegaze around the world: France

Hello world.

Today I start a new post-series called "Shoegaze around the world".
There are so many awesome shoegaze bands from all over the world.
So take your time and check this. Maybe you're new favorite shoegaze band is right around the corner.

So I start with France today!
A great big country and a lot of bands. However a bunch of french Shoegaze bands told me lately, that Shoegaze's not the shit in France. Well, I got you kids. Same here in Germany. But keep on and people will follow. I promise! Sometimes it just needs some time and people will understand thet Shoegaze is the most amazing music style ever invented!

The first band I want to entrust to you is FUTURE. Two guys from Paris creating noise walls in the tradition of A Place To Bury Strangers. They just released there new EP "Abyss" and it's just awesome. I love the voice of bassist Yann Canévet and the electric drum sound matches perfect with the reverb guitars. They just bacame Band of the Week on Shoegaze Love.

Not to forget the officiating Band of the Week - VENERA 4. They released their new Single "Haunted Summer" as an advanced song of their upcoming 2nd EP on wednesday this week and it just blew me away! The band consists of two boys and two girls and they also live in Paris. I love female voices so if you do too, this band is a little treasure you should not pass over.

Next band in the corner is DEAD HORSE ONE. They released their Debut album "Heavenly choir of jet engines" in march this year over Cranes Records. The voicings and the sound in general is really warm and powerfull and sometimes reminds me of Oasis. This guys have a feeling for great pop-songs and are more psychedelic then shoegaze but I don't mind. Just great!

MOUNTEBANK is a shoegaze band from Limoges. In March this year they released the b-side track called "Imagineerie". Their sound is more lo-fi and reminds me of the early My Bloody Bloody Valentine Stuff. Guitars are right in the front and sometimes it's a little dream-poppy.Sweet. They also work with drum-mashine how many shoegaze bands nowadays do.

Well, that's it so far. Tell me about your favorite Shoegaze band from France. I'm sure there are so many more out there I missed.


  1. thanks for this.
    I'll check them out.

  2. Hello ! Thanks for your blog, he is cool !!!
    Do you know the French bands Alcest or Amesoeurs ? It's a mix between shoegaze and blackmetal, I think you will like it.

  3. thanks.
    no I don't noticed them yet.
    I'll check them.