Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

Outside Shoegaze Wonderland: Riot Grrrls & stucked back Grunge Guys

Hey Boys and Grrrls.

We're doing a little trip today. I want to show you another place I call home.
I'm a shoegaze girl. I live in Shoegaze Wonderland. But sometimes I like going out and take a drink with some friends in a cute little bar at the corner. Let's call it "BitchTown".
I call it this way, 'cause most of the girls, called a "bitch" are girls, who behave in an inadequate way.

I'm a Riot Grrrl. I play guitar in a Riot Grrrl Band called poor little rich girl. We're loud and we're not like the other girls and it sound like this:

I'm a feminist. And I'm not ashamed to say this out loud!
Every woman should consider herself a feminist. I believe in
equal opportunity.
Just do, what you wanna do and be proud. Don't let anybody tell you, you're not good enough because you are a girl. You can do everything you want. EVERYTHING.
Or how Courtney would say:

Most people outside Bitch Town may think about the old times back in the 90's when hearing about Riot Grrrl stuff: "It's dead!"
I'm in love with the old stuff. And Rock'n'Roll is not dead because the King left us decades ago, right!

So, when I go out to drink some beer with my girls, we're talking about the new hot stuff out there in Bitch Town.

Last friday we talked about a band called I'm a Sloth from Vienna.
One Girl and two Boys in love with 90's Grunge and Punk Rock attitude.

They released their first album "Satisfashion" in 2012.
They are young and in love. In love with Noise, Sonic Youth, Beer, Hole and the whole 90's grunge thing. 

Of course they were too young when Kurt Cobain died and Sub Pop was (like really!) independant. So what?
They don't seem to copy things they saw on television when they were 4. They are authentic, real and honest kids, doing what they want to and give a fuck about what's in charts right now. They won't start the new Grunge Revival though, but listening to the LP I feel like 16 again. When I listened to Grunge Music the first time and was like "OMG, I was born at the wriong time." It makes me blue.

But back to I'm a Sloth. One thing I really like about them is the female and male vocals. They are adaptable. The one moment they sound like Melvins. Deep and dark. The next one they are L7. Punk Rock and Pop at the same time. I like it. I really do.

The guitar voicings are changing to much in my oppinion. Sometimes it reminds me of myself, when I got my first guitar ... However in Songs like "Employee Of The Mounth" they should ask Thurston Moore if he wants his sound back.

I hope I'm a Sloth will be able to release their next album very soon. I'm excited and dancing in my room while listening to the last song "Different". Hopefully they'll find their own sound and get support for Hole when Courtney is touring Austria again. :)

next shows:

Sept 9th @ Fluc | Vienna
Oct 14th @ Arena Beisl | Vienna
Jan 9th @ Noise Fest (B72) | Vienna

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