Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

VVHILE - Vanity 7" debut EP

"VVhile delivers pop driven songs fueled with 80s punk rock energy colored with noise and shoegazing attitude."
That's something I can work with!
VVHILE are "your favorite rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriot boys"?! I'm not sure about this one.
Let's check the two boys out.
Stevan Ćirović and Andrija Spičanović. They are from Belgrad / Serbia and formed in May 2011. They like sugar and chocolat. This doesn't sound really riot boyish to me. But to not be rude I will give 'em a chance.

VVHILE released their debut EP "Vanity" in May 2012. All Songs were recorded at the boy's rehersal space and mixed and mastered by Marko Ilic. The EP is released
in limited edition of 100 black and 100 white vinyls (I LOVE VINYL!!!) by: Napravi Zaedno, Twin Toe & Jazz Chairs ( the bands own record label). It will be repressed and released by Called Dirt Cult Records in February/March 2013. It contains 4 Songs. Popsongs? We'll see.

The first song is not only giving the EP it's name but also says: "everything is overcontrolled". Nice punk rock drums, noisy guitars and lovely lo-fi voices make you dream about the years when everything was forbidden and done anyhow.
Definitely the right decision to put this song at the beginning. It reaches for your hand to invite you without getting annoying.
I was blown away by "Fecal Gaze". It's the last song on the EP and shows that's sometimes less can be more. The only shortcoming to me is that it releases the listener with an open end. It's like when you're reading a book, for example a detective story, and they don't tell you who the murderer is. You just don't get rid of the feeling that there's something you're missing. But maybe the next release will continue the story. I'm curios.
"Marriage Riots" shows cool noise rock paired with post-hardcore influences. I like the song because it goes straight forward. But I miss some innovative aspects in sound and songwriting to make it more special and not just a poor copy of any noise rock song.
To me "Worldending Curse" lacks the right hookline to make it a real popsong. Nevertheless it has an attitude that fits into the whole concept.

Alltogether: Great Neo Noise Pop with garage charme and a lot of potential. Please don*t destroy your own popsongs like No Age does.

I hope I'll get the opportunity to see VVHILE live someday.

VVHILE sounds like: No Age, Japandroids, Wavves, The Thermals

you can download the whole EP for free on bandcamp.

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