Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

I ♥ Shoegaze || February I

Hey Shoegaze Lovers.
It's february and there was no Shoegaze Love so far from my side so let's keep a look on what's going on in the noisy Shoegaze world.

One of my favorite bands called Teenage Daydreams released a new album in january. Totally in love with this dreamy but noisy shoegaze tunes. GUITARRRRRR WALLS all over the place and the whole album is for free but you totally should spend some money on it 'cause it's so worth it.
Next one is pretty special. Une Pipe is an irish art rock band with Shoegaze influences. I love the name of the intro of their 4-songs-EP called Noise is sort of political, it's kind of like a message of alienation. I like this point of view. I'm feeling you guys! So check them out.
Then there's this great awesome band Balms which totally got me with their new song All Right. They also released 2 other songs in december which are so great as well. So don't miss them!
I told you guys about Juleah earlier. This one-woman psychedelic project convinces me every time. The new EP which was released in december is staggering as always and you can download the whole piece for free. But as I always say: Keep in mind that you can do the artist a big favour when you leave some bucks.
An other great artist I want to introduce to you is Clarence Mayhew. He released his album Where the Ocean Meets the Shore one month ago and it's beautiful. Great songwriting and great sound influenced by Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. Love love love.


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