Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

I ♥ Shoegaze (Soundcloud Edition n°2)

Hey Shoegaze People!
I'm very happy about this soundcloud edtion of the popular I ♥ Shoegaze
You may ask yourselves why I'm so obsessed with bandcamp.. Well, first I think it looks better and second I'm a creature of habbit and I feel sorry for that. However today let's focus on great musical talent on Soundcloud.

First band today called City Lungs are a Helsinki-based duo working with synthesizer-sounds and fuzzy guitars. A very cool mix of dream pop and electronic elements. Lyrics and vocal melodies remind me of my teenage years when I was listening to Jimmy Eat World. Amazing.
Sighs are a London-based band who can definetely not hide where they are coming from. Very british sound and indie-pop attitude. They sound poppy. They sound young. I love it.
I already told you about Star Horse. They became Band of the Week last year and I love this cute band so much! They released an acustic version of their song Marybell. Very cool.
Next one is Vaadat Charigim, a noisy post punk band from Tel Aviv. You can listen to the whole album The World Is Well Lost on Soundcloud and you will fall in love with their 80s Indie-Rock influenced songs as fast as I did. I'm sure!
LE 1997 is the name of the project by a friend of mine. Noisy punk Rock influenced Indie-Rock from Mexico. Check it out!

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