Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

I ♥ Shoegaze | January I

Hey Shoegaze People.
I hope you all came well into 2015.
Unfortunately I was not able to run this blog how I wanted to do it last year, as there was a lot going on with my own band and booking and stuff. However I want to change that. That's why I'm looking for someone to help me with writing, so you won't miss any noisy greatness that's out there anymore. I will keep you updated about this.

I promised to do a new I <3 Shoegaze. So check out these awesome bands I found or were introduced to me by all of you amazing people with amazing taste in music. Haha.
So I hope you'll find you're new favorite Shoegaze band here.
So enjoy some cool music and stay being as awesome as you are.

First one I want to introduce to you is amazing White Blush from L.A. aka Carol Rhyu.
A very talented artist experimenting with ambient, drone and gazy sounds. Influenced by electronic music you could call it synthie-shoegaze. I love her and her music so check her out everywhere (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube).

Next in the line are Baker Island from UK: A very cool combination of postpunk and fuzzy indie pop sounds. Theyare pretty new in the business and already managed to release this magical little 3-song EP. Very lovely.

An other cool artist which came to my ears is Nick Petakas from the US. I fell in love with his music right away. It's deep and soft and his voice is so touching. Just wonderfull. Very great tremolo work and you definetely hear wher it is all coming from. You hear Ride, you hear MBV. All the songs on this EP are amazing but the last one 'TESSIO' is my number one.

Maquninas from Brazil released a 3-track EP in summer last year. I love their minimalistic drums and the dynamic in the songs. They can be quiet, they can be loud. I'm sure they can do everything they want to, so keep an eye or two on this 4 guys. And by the way: some great artwork!

And we get to Black Static Line from the US. They call themself a Space Rock band. But they are more I guess. I hear some Slowdive, some Cocteau Twins. They do a lot of dreamy slow-tempo reverb songs. Kind of drony and some long instrumental parts. So if you wanna sink in deep and feel like you are out in the sea and listening to the noises of the water and the fishes, the sadness and quietness all at ones - I'm sure you'll find it in Black Static Line.

And then there's Daydreaming. Oh my gosh that's some awesome stuff. They are a canadian Postpunk band. 4 people, a girl on bass guitar. Perfect match. They are wild and loud and you can get them on tape. What can someone want more? Nothing! So get it!

Next next next: New Material, also from Canada. They are poppy and lovely, more indie pop then shoegaze but it makes me happy to listen to them so check them out and feel like it is a good day.

So I guess we'll stay in Canada for a while. There's this band called Soft Wounds from Toronto. Some guys who fell in love with Shoegaze. So am I. They released a demo in November last year and man they are on a good way. The made an interview with The Blog That Celebrates itself. You can check it out here.

I'm not sure if I already told you about the new Star Horse Song 'Spend the night'?! However I'm in love witht his lovely people from Stockholm, Sweden. I had the opportunaty to meet them and welcome them for a show in my hometwon Dresden together with Follow the Sea. I pretty much love everything they do and they are amazing live and just really nice people. And 'Spend the night' is one of my new favorite Songs.

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