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Hey Shoegaze People,

This is part 3 of the series to keep you informed about the upcoming Compilation REVOLUTION - The Shoegaze Revival by Ear to Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif. It's presented by a lot of awesome Blogs and People I mentioned in part 2, however I forgot to mention Shameless PR (that's why I do it now!).
This time I will present to you 4 bands: //Orangenoise, Duelectrum, Digilite and Damascus. Check them out and I hope you're all as excited as I am.

//ORANGENOISE (Pakistan)

Loud guitars, ambiguous vocals and driving rhythms are the crux of the //orangenoise sound. Formed in early 2010, the band members' varied musical backgrounds create a saturated mix of electronic, garage and psychedelia straight from the dense heat of Karachi, Pakistan.

Taking their cues from shoegaze and 60's psychedelia, the band washes out the senses with their textured rhythms, while the mind floats freely with catchy hooks embedded deep into their airy vocals.

Simply put, //orangenoise is an old machine from the past, modded for the present.  

Duelectrum is a shoegaze/noise pop band from São Paulo, Brazil, formed by Filipe Albuquerque (guitars), Franklin Weise (bass) and Elson Barbosa (drums), who also plays bass guitar in the super indie post-rock group Herod.

As a duo (Filipe e Franklin), Duelectrum independently released the "Duelectr1" EP in 2001, which is now out of print. The "Electrolândia" EP was released in 2008 by Pisces Records and Sinewave.

Sinewave released the "Tempestadestelar" EP, which contains songs recorded between 2002 and 2005, in 2002, as well as the single "Chocolate Love" in 2008. In August 2014, the band released "She Doesn't Feel the Sun" (EP), with a guest appearance by Lucas Lippaus (Herod, Hopping to Collide With, S.O.M.A.) on guitars. 

Digilite is a band from Bandung, Indonesia, which was founded on 21 August 2007.
This band explores various genre, including Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Indie Rock, Brit Pop, and New Prog. 


Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, this band has built their sounds from the rough side of 90s shoegaze bands, similar like Swervedriver, Ride, Catherine Wheel, etc. Fuzz, reverb, wah, and tremolo, blends into one package.

They believe shoegaze is all about rock n roll, not suicidal tones. They are into fuzz, tremolo, feedback, and stage diving.

Their influences include bands and guitar work from the likes of Kevin Shields, Adam Franklin, Thurston Moore, J Mascis, and Brad Laner.

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