Montag, 19. Januar 2015


Hey Shoegaze People,

Today there's a new blog series starting. For the next weeks I will constantely inform you about a very amazing project. Maybe you already heared about the compilation: REVOLUTION - The Shoegaze Revival by Ear to Ear Records and the indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif.

The idea is to present a part of the 'new wave' shoegaze scene with 30 Bands from 16 countries from 5 continents. You won't here any cover versions of famous Shoegaze bands. Instead you will be able to listen to a modern version of Shoegaze with innovative new sounds, energy and passion.
The Compilation will be released on 11th of february 2015 via Ear to Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif Bandcamp.

DKFM created a video trailer for the compilation.

Three people fell in love over noisy soundscapes and purple stars. Influenced by too many coffee and cigarettes while listening to My Bloody Valentine Vinyls in the dark they put together fuzzy reverb guitars with punk rock attitude.

In June 2014 the first EP 'I' came out to show the world how sugar noise can be. It was released on June 13, 2014 via Pinmusik - Pretty In Noise Netlabel.

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