Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Review: 'Distance' by Ceremony

Just a few days before christmas Ceremony brought their very own little present to Shoegaze town.

On december 17th the band from Fredericksburg, VA released their Album 'Distance' via Moon Sounds Records which also is a home for the surf-psych rockers The Vandelles.
When Ceremony released the single 'I Want to Kiss' in august last year they already got me with this massive fuzzy bass sound and I felt like back in the 80's with this poppy The Jesus and Mary Chain songwriting. But there was more to come.

With their new album they continue doing hat they do best: Writing heartbreaking love songs with fuzz fuzz and more fuzz, lovely voices and punk rock attitude.
With simple but awesome guitar lines they create this innocent athmosphere of some cute little teenage love. 

The sound of 'Distance' doesn't remind of A Place by Bury Strangers by accident. The good friend and former bandmate from Skywave times Oliver Ackermann mastered the whole albumand gave it this rich noisy over the top sound which makes all the APTBS songs so intense.

So what's more to say?
Get your copy now! here

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