Montag, 20. Januar 2014

I ♥ Shoegaze || January III

Hey Lovers,

Here comes I ♥ Shoegaze n°3 this month. Wow. You guys are insane! When does all this increbible great shoegaze bands formed all over the world? Keep on. I'm in love again and I will tell you who's on my mind this time.

First ones are Has a Shadow from Mexico. I already mentioned them in this section and what should I say? True love never dies. With their dark gazy sound they mad it just into my broken heart. Yeah, I'm still very sad that my rat died last week. Weired how such a little being can mean so much. Miss you Alice...
Next band I wanna tell you about are called The Hedghogs. They are from Denmark and play some awesome 60s rock'n'roll with garage attitude. They are not actually shoegaze but I still like them. And it's my blog so I can write about who and what I want. Muahahaha. I like it. The release of their 'Make me wanna cry/Can't find myself 7'' ' will be feb 7th so check them out on fb to stay tuned.
Number 3 today: Ivy Hollivana. She's a singer/songwriter from California and I fell in love with her sweet little voice and awesome songs. They are dreamy and with some indie pop accents. Just lovely. And the album with the great name 'Poppy Field' is availiable for free at her bandcamp.  
Shock of Daylight is a London based one-man project. He mixes electronical elements with fuzzy sounds and you can clearly hear his MBV and Slowdive influences in his songwriting. This is the new shit! I love it!
Last but not least: Fragments of God. They are doing kind of a more psychedelic rock with shoegaze influences and sometimes they are kind of progressive in their rhythm and songwriting. Really good stuff. Check out their self-titled EP via bandcamp.

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