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Hey Shoegaze People.
I'm happy to keep on with the introduction of all the amazing artists of the upsoming REVOLUTION - The Shoegaze Revival Compilation by Ear to Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif. A lot of Blogs and websites just joined in lately and started promoting this huge thing. Thanks to all of them and a huge thank you to Shauna McLarnon. Without her this all won't be possible as she is putting such a lot of effort in this.
So for now, enjoy todays featured bands Ummagma, Trementina, Puna, Weird. and Seaside.

UMMAGMA (Ukraine)

Ummagma emerged on the music scene by simultaneously releasing two LPs (Ummagma & Antigravity) in 2012. They recently released the double A-side single Rotation and the Lama LP on Emerald & Doreen Recordings. Ummagma has been the focus of a full-page feature in Rolling Stone Russia, has won Alternative Eurovision competitions for 2 years in a row (Amazing Radio in 2013 & Pure 107.8 FM in 2014), and received 2 awards at the 2013 Australian Independent Music Video Awards.
Ummagma has also caught the attention of Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Malcolm Holmes (OMD), who have remixed tracks for fall 2014 release. In 2013, Ummagma was declared "Band of the Year" in the blog Shoegaze Love. Ummagma is also a finalist in Australia's 2014 AIMVA Awards (winners to be announced in December). 

Trementina started as an idea in a small rainy town in a small unknown country (Chile). Cristobal (guitar) wanted to create something new, something that had never been seen there, so he began searching for this new sound, making a post-punk band together with his friend Lucas (bass guitar) and some childhood friends. Nevertheless, the style didn't fulfill them. They wanted to make something fresh, with some old twisted shoegaze freedom. So they left their mind open and started to make some noise with those pedals. But something was missing – they were lacking a lead singer. Playing this kind of craziness required a female voice to sweeten this music, so they asked Vanessa (vocals and guitar) to join them.

One day Vanessa went to Cristobal's house feeling really sick due to turpentine poisoning. She was an arts student, so she always was complaining about the nausea that comes with hours of painting. Cristobal was curious about the name "trementina", as it’s a pretty name and a beautiful concept. Turpentine (Trementina) it's something used to make art, but also to erase it and start over, it was perfect.

After recorded a few songs in Cristobal's home studio, Soundcloud brought their sound all over the world – to fans, radio, magazines and blogs. It also led to them releasing their first self-recorded EP through Japanese label Vinyl Junkies.  

Puna is a shoegaze electronic hybrid music project, formed in 2008 in Lima, Peru by Jorge Rivas O 'Connor, José Rodríguez, Gerardo Flores and Arnold Medina. They make music within the post-rock current, assimilating styles therein from such genres as Ambient, Ethereal, Shoegaze, Noise, Dreampop, IDM, Space and Drone.
Puna's current makeup includes Jorge Rivas O'Connor on guitars, strings, keyboards and midi, and Jose Rodriguez on guitars and strings, Rolando Apollo guitar and bass, oscillator.

In 2009, Puna released the "Puna" maxi-single through independent label Dorog Records. In 2010, the band released the "Mediodía en la la Luna" EP independently. In 2012, they also independently released their second EP "Dawn of the End". In 2013, the band released the 'Inmerso' single through Latin America Shoegaze. Puna's latest release came in August 2014, when Dorog Records released the long-play album "Au dial". 

Weird. began in Rome in the second half of 2011, and is basically the brainchild of Marco Barzetti (guitar and vocals).

Matteo D’Argenio (bass guitar) and Massimiliano Pecci (drums) joined him by the end of the year, and the band spent most of 2012 experimenting in the studio.

The result of this exploring is their debut album "Desert Love For Lonely Graves" (2013), which was recorded and mixed by Marco Barzetti at his home studio, and mastered by Lacopo Sinigaglia (Libra).

All seven tracks flow slowly between reverberate guitars and vocals, autumnal bass and sepulchral drums, while diverse musical genres such as shoegaze and psychedelia converge beautifully.

In April 2013, D'Argenio left the band and was replaced by Giovanni Romano. After this, Weird. began touring throughout Italy.

In 2014, the band started recording their sophomore LP. On November 4th, Weird. broke the silence with "Infinite Decay", the first single from their upcoming new album, expected for release in early 2015

Seaside is a rather 'complete' shoegaze & dreampop band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Their sonic landscape not only delivers waves of reverb with a delay-laden guitar sound, but this also mixes wonderfully with synthesizer and keyboards. To round this off perfectly, this blends together with loveable lyrics and waves of beautiful noises.  

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