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Hey Shoegaze People.
Tomorrow is Release Day! I hope you're all as excited as I am. REVOLUTION - The Shoegaze Revival Compilation by Ear to Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif will show the world how the new generation of Shoegaze sounds like. It's for free download!
There will be more than one post today on this blog 'cause I don't want to miss a single band on this compilation and there are a few left to name.
Let's begin with Blood Lips, Magao, Thud and Sharesprings.

Blood Lips are a three piece band from North Wales and Manchester, formed in 2014. Recorded and produced by Marc Joy of Ferndale Productions, the 'Brittle Bones' EP was the band's debut EP. Released on November 17, 2014 through Ear to Ear Records, the EP features four tracks of dark, brooding guitar music.

The band played their first gigs at the Focus Wales festival and industry showcase in Wrexham, North Wales in 2014, to very positive reviews. They are focused on live shows around the UK following the release of their 'Brittle Bones' EP. 

Magao is a Japanese shoegaze fusion project based in the city of Chiba. This is the brainchild of Magao, who is 19 years old. He is an independent artist, not affiliated with any record label to date, other than participating in compilations. The most recent of these was by Canata Records.

While this solo project began approximately 1 1/2 years ago, Magao also plays guitar in another band, called Soltyknown.

Magao's sounds are reminiscent of Coaltar of the Deepers and Luna Sea, who he identifies as inspiration for his compositions. 

Five weirdos got together in the winter of 2012. In the very early days of this band, there were only three people and they were Wang on bass, Wai on drums and Andy on guitar. Wang and Wai, who founded the band, are also brothers. After trying hard to find a one more person to join, at last, Andy found his classmate Kim, followed by Sky on guitar. Although each of the band members has different musical preferences and backgrounds, they all get along well and manage to create rather fine dreamy music together.
While Thud have yet to deliver their first official release, they have already got the attention of NME, Sounds Better With Reverb and Drowned in Sound.

In the words of Dom Gourlay of Drowned in Sound: "Self-confessed Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine obsessives Thud are something of an anomaly where the Hong Kong music scene is concerned. While many of their contemporaries take the traditional cantopop route, they can be heard conjuring up experimental pieces such as recent single 'Lime', which carries an ethereal grace in a similar vein to Seefeel or Moonshake back in the day."


Sharesprings is a fascinating twee shoegaze indie pop band from Jakarta, Indonesia, which was founded in 2006. They have strong influences ranging from My Bloody Valentine to the Ecstasy and Wine's era, Yo La Tengo, and Eternal. The band is rooted in the element of late 80's and early 90's music. With a simple structure, the indie pop concept combines with the shoegaze style and noisy atmosphere backdrop.

In February 2014, they released a split-single with The Wellington on Heyho! Records. The band formed as a trio in the middle of this decade and produced the demo ‘It’s Just Noise And Pop’, followed by their first official single in 2010 with ‘I Love To See You (Daydreaming Me)‘. 

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