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Hey Shoegaze People!

This is the second post today concerning REVOLUTION - The Shoegaze Revival compilation by Ear to Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif. There are a few bands left and release is happening tomorrow. Everyone's so excited. We are part of something really big and there are so many blogs, magazines and websites involved. Shoegaze is working through the internet today. I feel so close to so many people I never met in real life (yet!) and that's so incredible amazing how this whole thing worked. I'm very honored to  be a part of this process showing the world how this scene is more alive then ever!
So the featured bands are: The Yours, Robsongs, Wozniak and Stellarscope. Enjoy.

The Yours are a Hong Kong based alternative rock band. The band was originally formed by Jack Leung (guitar, vocals) and Nic Wong (guitar, bass, vocals) in 2005 and released their debut EP, Abraham, on Lona Records in 2006. Known for their confrontational stage presence, the band quickly established themselves as one of the most unique acts in the underground scene of Hong Kong. Their early music was variously described as a mixture of post punk and shoegaze, which featured reverb saturated guitars and a steady, almost drum-machine like rhythm section.
After the release of Abraham, The Yours went through multiple line-up changes, with Jack and Nic remaining the sole consistent members, until the band decided to record a full-length studio album. In 2011, the band recruited Gwyneth Tang (Vocals/Guitar), Nelson Ko (Drums) and Tim Ng (Guitar) to complete the line-up. The band’s debut album, The Way We Were, was recorded by Lona Record’s Alok Leung and released in August 2012 on Imagine-Imagine-Imagine Records. Incorporating well-crafted melodies and fuzzed out guitar riffs reminiscent of the early 1990’s, the album was met with critical acclaim upon its release, with Dazed and Confused listing the band as one of the East Asia’s new wave of talents. In 2013, the band embarked on their first-ever tour in China and released a Japanese edition of “The Way We Were” with Disk Union in Japan.


The band’s sophomore album, “Teenagarten” was released in July 2014. Recorded by Yang Haisong of P.K14 at Psychic Kong in Beijing, the second album is rawer, darker and more intense than its predecessor, yet maintains the band’s rich melodic structures and teenage angst.

Since their formation, The Yours have been one of the most active bands in Hong Kong, making numerous appearances at music festivals and performing with multiple international acts, most notably The Jesus And Mary Chain in 2012. The band’s most recent line-up consists of Jack Leung (guitar, vocals), Nic Wong (bass, vocals) and Tim Ng (guitar)

In July, 2014, The Yours signed to Maybe Mars, the leading independent record label in China.

Robsongs is the solo project of Brazil’s Robson Gomes, which began back in 2008 under another name with friends Alex and Augusto Medeiros Vitorino. The Robsongs project (Brazil) began back in 2008, initially under the name Minha Vida Nunca Foi um Picnic (My Life Was Never a Picnic). After Alex’s premature death and several trials and tribulations, the group disbanded. Since that time, Robson maintained the spirit of this project as a solo artist, recording music in his home studio. Robson began to compose new songs with something relevant to say through his music and lyrics, meticulously producing and arranging them. Thus was born the Robsongs project. These songs are dedicated to Alex Vitorino, who began this all with Robson so many years ago and left this planet too soon – his spirit lives on through this project.

In parallel, Robson is the lead singer-guitarist in Brazil’s renowned indie rock group The Concept, which just celebrated 20 years since its foundation and were slated to play with such headlining bands as Ringo Deathstarr and The Telescopes. He is also the guitarist in reggae band Banda Damata.

Taken together, Robsongs’ music shows distinct similarities to the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Market Karma, The Doors, Happy Mondays, Dead Horse One, Spacemen 3, The Koolaid Electric Company, Kingdom of the Holy Sun and some of The Beatles’ more experimental works.

Robsongs is signed to The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records and has already released 3 EPs and numerous singles through this label over the past two years, as well as participating in various compilations. 

Hailing from Edinburgh (Scotland), four-piece Wozniak were formed in 2012 on a mission to cause terminal tinnitus with their brooding (largely) instrumental cocktail of feedback, reverb and delay, distorted bass tones and pounding drum beats.

The band have just released their latest track Five Star a taster from their work-in-progress album due for release in 2015 on Morningside Young Team Records.

This is the first new material from the band since their well-received Pikes Peak EP which racked up positive reviews and airplay from Scotland, and beyond. Released in June, that collection of songs took inspiration from shoegaze, post rock, hard rock and no wave, 70s public information films and 80s Japanese cartoons.

Wozniak have played extensively across Scotland in 2014 and 2015 is already looking set to be a busy year, with plans for shows in London and Dublin taking shape and the album already underway.

Philadelphia’s Stellarscope are a staple of the shoegaze and alternative rock scene, constantly on a mission of creating new and exciting music. Their music is dark and emotive but with pop sensibility. Stellarscope’s energetic live performances has garnered the band accolades from peers, as well as fans. With multiple releases under their belts, they continue to march forward and evolve with the times. Their music has appeared in many compilations and tribute albums, documentaries as well as on MTV, A&E, Discovery Channel, Alli Sports TV, and more.
Their latest album "The End is Near, I'm Not Prepared' was released in March 2014 on Patetico Recordings. Their focus on the new album was to create more sonically-charged fast-paced postpunk indiepop shoegaze anthems, which would appeal to a broader audience, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. 

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